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Looking for how you can get involved? We always welcome new volunteers in whatever way they want to help out, whether it is onstage, backstage, or anything in between.

Light Department:

Lighting Department - The lighting department hangs the lights, and runs the light board & spotlights during the show.  We have volunteer openings to help with the light hang & focus which is only usually a few night commitments. We also have paid lighting designer positions for experienced designers. 

Light Board Operator: gets to see the show multiple times for free! No previous experience needed. Must be available for at least 1/2 the shows & rehearsals.

Spotlight Operator:  gets to see the show multiple times for free! No previous experience needed. Must be available for at least 1/2 the shows & rehearsals.

Lighting Designer: (stipend available). Design & program the show, lead light hang & focus. Schedule light board & spotlight operators. Experience is required.

Sound Department:

Sound Department - The sound department is in charge of all sound - the wireless body mics, special effect sounds and orchestra microphones as well as monitors. 

Sound Designer: (stipend available)  In charge of preparing the show, choosing sound effects, setting up monitors & orchestra mics, and scheduling sound board operators & body mic assistants. 

Sound board operators: runs the board during dress rehearsal & the show. Minimal experience required.

Body Mic Assistant: assistants with putting on the body mics and being backstage to assist if needed, minimal experience required. 



Costumes - The costume department creates the costumes for the actors which involves altering costumes that we already have, or sewing new costumes for the show. If you have some sewing experience and would like to learn more about helping in the department, we would love to hear from you! The time commitment for this department is sewing in the costume shop anywhere from 1-5 nights a week during the production and then sitting in the costume shop for 2-3 nights during the performances in case there are emergency repairs during a show.


Set Department:
Construction: Builds the set.

Master carpenter: (stipend available) works with set designer. Builds all set pieces as needed. Checks inventory and shop for needed materials, works with the department head on getting materials. Organizes work nights and contacts crewmembers. Keeps shops clean and safe.


Construction set crew: uses tools to help the master carpenter to build the set.

Set Designer: (stipend available) creates the design and model of the set with the director. Can lead the building process. 

Prop Department

Prop Master: The props designer works with the Director to create and gather a list of props that are needed throughout the production. They also put together a run crew for the show.


Run Crew: The run crew works during the run of the show to help move set pieces or props during the show.  

Paint Department:

Paint - Paints the set, the floor, and any back drops.

Master Painter: works with set designer and construction crew. Helps with paint choices and getting required materials, Works with department head as needed.


Paint Crew: no experience or skill needed. Comes during set build and works with the construction crew, and master painter. 

Front of House:

Box Office: selling tickets and helping with any issues with tickets on the night of the show.


Will Call: help patrons get their tickets they purchased before the show begins.


House Manager: makes sure all the front of house volunteers knows what they are doing, stay during the show and make sure any late coming patrons are able to find their seats. Assisting where needed during the show.

Lobby Manager: makes sure concessions is stocked and ready to be sold during the show. 

Full description on this document.


Ticket Takers: collect the tickets from patrons on their way into the show.


Ushers: help patrons find their way to their seats.

Concessions: sells snacks and drinks at the concession stand before the show and during intermission.


Greeters: greets the patrons as they come to the show.

Stage Management

Stage Manager: (stipend available) They are the director's right hand person on running rehearsals, and communicating with all departments and actors to make sure the show is running smoothly and on schedule. Calls cues during the show itself. 


Assistant Stage Manager: helps assists the stage manager during rehearsals and during the show run.


We are also looking for individuals to help with various admin duties such as the season ticket sale campaign, volunteer coordination and recruitment, updating mailing lists, and organizing production materials

Apply to Volunteer

Apply in person at the Community Recreation Department or fill out the form below and send to: 


          Volunteer Application

          Sheboygan Theatre Company

          3330 Stahl Rd

          Sheboygan WI 53081


Rec Department office hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Per STC policy, all volunteers must complete a background check before being considered.

Background checks can be submitted online.  If you choose this option, be sure to select "Recreation Department/Theater Company" for where you will volunteer; as pictured here:

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