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Director: Alex S. Freeman

A Christmas Carol: (Rated PG)

The traditional tale with a twist, Charles Dickens steps on the stage to begin the show. A Christmas Carol recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.

Originally published in 1834 with lessons that still ring true today, A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic that reminds us of the importance of kindness, generosity, and the holiday spirit.

The Cast

Jim Harriman – Dickens, Fiddler, Businessman 5, Shopkeeper

Stephen Myers – Scrooge

David Quinn – Bob Cratchit, Fan’s Husband

Duncan Doherty – Fred, Fezziwig, Jacob Marley

Ethan Michon – Topper, Begger, Undertaker’s Man

Shawn Kaehne – Belle’s Husband, Dick Wilkins, Warden, Yet-to-Come Operator, Bobby

Randy Stache – Gentleman 1, Ghost of Christmas Present

Mitchel Vander Putten – Ebenezer (20’s), Young Husband, Businessman 2

Karen Lutze – Gentleman 2, Businessman 3, Schoolmaster

Elizabeth Kaufmann – Flower Girl, Ghost of Christmas Past, Guest, Yet-to-Come Operator

Lisa Vihos – Mother, Raucous Lady, Laundress

Corrine M Schultz – Woman in Black, Mrs. Fezziwig, Christmas Yet to Come (Main Body)

Cindi Dinkler – Charwoman, Theater Manager

Angela Landgraf – Martha Cratchit, Another Guest

Gina Loehr – Cook, Mrs. Cratchit

Abigail Meulbroek – Belle, Young Wife, Businessman 3

Avalyn Lauritsen – Belle’s Daughter

Montgomery Martin – Peter Cratchit

Tate Hollingsworth – Young Scrooge, Ignorance

Hugh Roberts – Tiny Tim

Lucia Loehr – Girl (Act 1), Fan, Want

Felicity Becker – Street Boy (Act 1), Belinda Cratchit

Fiona – Little Brother, Street Boy (Act 2)


To the patrons/volunteers/cast members

Thank You!

For helping us making this show so great!

Meet the Director: Alex S. Freeman

Currently based in NYC, I hold an MFA in Directing from Western Illinois University. My directing style is highly collaborative, bringing the best artists and minds into a room and letting the best idea win. Having studied many different styles and approaches throughout my career, I love meeting artists where they are, understanding their language, and facilitating communication between everyone working on the show.

Christmas Carol is one of my own favorite holiday traditions - and I am so excited for a joyful holiday experience creating this show with the artists at STC for the audiences at STC!

When not directing, I'm probably reading - either for fun or for work. As an audiobook narrator, I have narrated over 100 books, numerous YouTube videos, commercials, and host two podcasts!

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