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Thank You to all who came out to see our show! Stay tuned for information coming soon for our next production!


David Quinn as Edgar Allen Poe

Duncan Doherty as Cat

Mike Clawson as Announcer & Foley Artist

Erin Koeppen as Taylor

Carey Raenke as Miss Terious & Madeline

Aaron Covey as Forunato & Roderick

Kim Koeppen as Devin

Valerie Hoffman: Officer and Montresor.

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Meet the Director

20190422_141214_2 (2)_2_edited.jpg

Sam Jessup has always had a flair for the dramatic and became enamored with theatre at an early age. She has been involved in almost every aspect from acting to being a member of a Board of Directors, but, her true passion is directing. She attended UNC Asheville where she earned a BA in Theatre Arts and a Distinction in Drama for her work on Apartment 3A and And A Child Shall Lead Them. Upon graduation, Sam followed her dreams (and wife) to the beaches of NC where she served as the Vice President of the Board and Marketing Director of a local theatre company for over 5 years. She, her wife, and pup recently moved to Sheboygan and are looking forward to exploring all Wisconsin has to offer. Sam's journey within the local theatre community has just begun and she is thrilled and honored to be directing a show about one of the world's greatest writers for her favorite holiday!

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