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Saturday May 28, 2022
4:15 -10:15pm

We will be helping run concessions during the May 28th Saturday Night Plymouth Dirt Track Race.  This is our second year doing this event and we had a great turnout for this event last year.  Everyone who helped out really seemed to enjoy this event and we decided to do it again this year!


Who can I talk to about this event?  

Mike Rick 414.704.2503


What AGES can help? 14 and older are welcome!


How MANY volunteers are needed? 26 Total.


WHEN? SATURDAY May 28 4:15 pm -10:15pm


WHERE? Sheboygan County Fair Grounds 

229 Fairview Dr.

Plymouth, WI 53073

Everyone should enter Gate 2 and turn right.  Park on the grass along the fence.  About a 100 yard walk to our concession area we will be working.   Let any parking attendants know they are volunteers for the concessions for the race.  We will be meeting in front of the grandstands.  Parking is free.


WHY? Help us support our love of community theatre through volunteering in our community!


Questions and Answers Below:


1. Q: What are the hours the volunteers are needed?

A: 4:15pm -10:15 pm Saturday, MAY 28.


2. Q: Where do we park, where do we meet @ 4:15pm?

A:  PARKING: Sheboygan County Fairgrounds 229 Fairview Dr. Plymouth, WI 53073 Let the people in parking know you are volunteering for concessions.

A: MEETING PLACE: Picnic tables behind the grandstands @ 4:15 there will be a brief meeting.


3. Q: What jobs will the volunteers be doing?

A: Working in concession stands at the fairgrounds Taking Money, Wrapping Sandwiches, Selling Candy bars, nachos, etc...

No cleaning up after the stand closes.  No preparation/cooking of food.  If you don't want to interact with customers- you can wrap food, etc... plenty to do.  Sounds like there are a couple groups that keep coming back every year because it is a fun environment.


4. Q: Any freebies for the volunteers?

A: Water, Soda, & Coffee. Sandwiches/food/everything else needs to be paid for.


5. Q: How do I sign up to help for this fun-filled event?


Fun Fest
Saturday June 11, 2022
7:30am -2:30pm

We will be helping Acuity, our season sponsor run their Funfest on Saturday June 11, 2022.

Everyone has lots of fun volunteering for this event each year!


When: Saturday June 11, 2022, from 7:30am -2:30pm


Where: Sheboygan County Fairgrounds (229 Fairview Dr, Plymouth, WI 53073)


Jobs: Registration, Mad Scientist (children's), Kiddie Corner (children's), Inflatable games (children's), Trivia (adult), Obstacle course (adult), Floaters.


Food and drink are available to all volunteers during the day.


How to sign up:

(We will need date of birth, and last four of social for a background check)

Click here

Or contact:

Candice Lapoint

Sarah Louisier –